Utah Treasurer Damschen Announces County-by-County Unclaimed Property Data for First Time in Utah History

Need Extra Cash this Holiday Season? 

One in Five Utahns has Property Awaiting Reclaim at mycash.utah.gov

“This is one of my favorite jobs as state treasurer, because it’s a bit like playing Santa Claus,” said Utah State Treasurer Damschen.  “If you could use a little extra cash this holiday season, check mycash.utah.gov to see if any of the over $375 million in unclaimed property is yours and claim it today.  Maybe you moved and forgot you had a utility deposit or didn’t leave a forwarding address on an old account.  Checking to see if you’ve lost property is simple, easy and something everyone should do for themselves, their families and friends – especially this time of year.” SALT LAKE CITY –December 6, 2016 – For the first time in Utah history, Utah State Treasurer David Damschen today announced the county-by-county values of properties safeguarded by the Utah Division of Unclaimed Property.  The Division currently holds over $375 million in funds and properties awaiting reclaim from rightful owners or their descendants. Seventy five per cent of these properties were reported to the state with outdated or incomplete last known addresses.

Along with states across the nation, Utah adopted the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act (1956) – ensuring abandoned or lost property of its citizens is turned over to state government for safekeeping and reclaim – not kept permanently by companies, employers, service providers and others.  Examples of such property include uncashed payroll checks, dormant bank accounts, overpaid bills, and security deposit box contents.

Lost or abandoned property turned over to the state is searchable online at mycash.utah.gov or by calling 801-715-3300. The 2015 launch of the simplified mycash.utah.gov website and updated marketing campaign fueled a 107 percent increase in Utah’s paid claims volume. The new website makes it easier for residents to search for – and collect – money that might be theirs. In 2015 alone, a record $22.5 million was paid out to owners or descendants of owners who filed claims.

“We’ve partnered with Treasurer Damschen to help get this money back into the pockets of its rightful owners or their descendants here in Provo,” said Provo Mayor John Curtis. “We encourage everyone to not only check mycash.utah.gov, but forward our social media posts and spread the word.  The claims process is simple and Utah County’s average claim amount is nearly $400 – a very nice holiday bonus.”

“All that stands between you and money you’ve lost is a simple online search or phone call,” added Unclaimed Property Division Administrator Dennis Johnston. “The average amount awaiting reclaim is over $400, which would cover a lot of holiday expenses.  So get online, call and start your claims process today.”

Holiday graphics for print and online use can be found at: http://treasurer.utah.gov/about-us/news-and-updates/media-graphics-print-use/


County-by-County Data

CountyFunds Awaiting Reclaim# Individuals & OrganizationsAverage Amount Awaiting Claim
Salt Lake     $170,152,341         365,394           466
Utah       $35,340,108           92,869           381
Weber        $17,493,626           40,023           437
Davis        $15,361,908           40,952           375
Washington          $9,606,912           22,123           434
Summit          $6,867,811           14,039           489
Cache          $5,930,683           18,340           323
Iron          $2,672,786              6,412           417
Tooele          $2,321,988              6,989           332
Uintah          $2,170,957              4,961           438
Box Elder          $2,094,194              5,623           372
Carbon          $1,902,410              3,236           588
Wasatch          $1,341,926              3,434           391
Sanpete          $1,190,113              3,373           353
Sevier              $950,097              2,155           441
Duchesne              $902,236              2,768           326
Grand              $840,899              2,036           413
Millard              $800,525              1,260           635
Kane              $678,763              1,057           642
San Juan              $424,182              1,360           312
Emery              $405,167              1,144           354
Morgan              $373,789                 858           436
Juab              $331,080                 849           390
Beaver              $321,201                 933           344
Garfield              $195,294                 559           349
Rich              $142,645                 419           340
Wayne                74,170                 314           236
Piute                $64,564                 176           367
Daggett                $32,321                 181           179
**Funds reported to State of Utah w/o geographic specification       Over $95,000,000              137,984           688
UTAH TOTALOver $375 millionOver 780,000Over $400