InvestWrite Contest

InvestWrite is a national writing competition produced by The Stock Market Game (SMG) program that adds a critical thinking component to help reinforce concepts learned in the classroom.

Every assignment introduces or relates to investment principles linked to the SMG program and ties to various lessons throughout the curriculum. Teachers can choose to assign the InvestWrite writing assignment as an in-class or homework assignment.

Students participate by writing essays in their grade division: Elementary (4-5), Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12). Teachers are the competition’s first round judges and select the top 10 responses from each class or group of participants (based on the guidelines and directions).  Selected essays are then submitted electronically to the next round of evaluation at the national level.

If you plan to participate, please help us by completing a “quick-and-easy” Pre-Registration Form.


Every student currently registered in the SMG program with a valid team login ID and password is eligible.


Both teachers and students will have a chance to win gift certificates, laptop computers, trips to New York (middle and high school), and other great prizes.

Why should I use InvestWrite?

InvestWrite National Competition is an essential tool that enhances the SMG program by providing your students with a way to demonstrate what they are learning in the classroom.

InvestWrite fosters:
  • Achievement in academic areas such as mathematics, language arts, social studies, economics, and finance
  • “Real life” decision-making skills
  • An understanding of the need to save and invest
InvestWrite provides an opportunity:
  • To incorporate The Stock Market Game program knowledge into your curriculum
  • To add writing/critical thinking to the program without extra planning time
  • To step aside from the daily school routine for students as well as for teachers
  • To learn more about the stock market and investing
  • To enrich yours and your students’ Stock Market Game experience
  • To win great awards for everyone
  • To compete as individuals with other students at their grade level all over the country