Utah State Treasurer
David Damschen


Qualified Depository List

October 1, 2019


The Commissioner of Financial Institutions (DFI) has certified the following depository institutions to be QUALIFIED DEPOSITORIES eligible to receive UNINSURED public funds in the amounts shown, for the calendar quarter beginning October 1, 2019 and ending December 31, 2019. However, DFI has stated that the only assurance a public treasurer has to prevent loss of public funds is to keep deposits under the FDIC or NCUA insurance amounts at any one qualified depository. If you place more than the insured amount at any qualified depository, you should perform your due diligence on that depository. This list supersedes the list July 1, 2019.


Additions: D.L. Evans Bank is now on the list; Members First Credit Union is new on the list; and NBH Bank, DBA Hillcrest Bank is new on the list. Deletions: None. Name Changes: None. Changes of note: Other institutions allotments are up or down due to changes in Utah deposits.*** There are some changes in allotments both up and down due to changes in capital or deposits in the state.****You as a public treasurer are responsible for making sure that your deposits into qualified depositories meet the criteria of the Act. If you are depositing funds over the maximum allotment in any one financial institution, you could be subject to penalties under 51-7-22. Please monitor your deposits.


All of the financial institutions on this list are required to pay public entities on a 360 day basis on CD’s issued for $100,000 and over. You should make your institution aware of this when purchasing CD’s.


  • America First Credit Union
  • Bank of the West
  • Bank of Utah
  • Brighton Bank
  • Cache Valley Bank
  • Capital Community Bank
  • Central Bank
  • Chartway Federal Credit Union
  • Continental Bank
  • Cyprus Credit Union
  • DesertView Federal Credit Union
  • D.L. Evans Bank
  • Eastern Utah Federal Credit Union
  • Education First Credit Union
  • EnerBank USA
  • First Utah Bank
  • Glacier Bank DBA Mountain West Bank & FNB Layton
  • Goldenwest Federal Credit Union
  • Grand Valley Bank
  • Granite Credit Union
  • Green Dot Bank DBA Bonneville Bank
  • Holladay Bank & Trust
  • Home Savings Bank
  • Jordan Federal Credit Union
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank
  • Key Bank N.A.
  • Kings Peak Credit Union
  • Members First Credit Union
  • Mountain America Credit Union
  • NBH Bank, DBA Hillcrest Bank
  • Nebo Credit Union
  • Peoples Intermountain Bank
  • Prime Alliance Bank
  • Rock Canyon Bank
  • San Juan Credit Union
  • State Bank of Southern Utah
  • US Bank NA
  • Utah Community Credit Union
  • Utah First Federal Credit Union
  • Utah Heritage Credit Union
  • Utah Independent Bank
  • Wasatch Peaks Credit Union
  • Washington Federal Bank NA
  • WebBank
  • Weber State Federal Credit Union
  • Wells Fargo Bank NA
  • Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA
  • Zions First National Bank

**”Maximum Amount” means the amount of deposits in excess of the federal deposit insurance limit. Depositories showing a ” 0 ” maximum amount may accept insured deposits of public funds.