Debt Management

The State Bonding Commission and State Building Ownership Authority have authority to initiate the issuance of bonds from legislative debt authorizations. The Office of State Treasurer executes on these authorizations by orchestrating all debt issuance of the state, prepares and disseminates post-issuance market disclosures, and maintains investor, underwriter and rating agency relations.

The office maintains the accounting of all debt issued as well as a debt model to inform state officials on impact and timing of contemplated debt offerings.

In addition, the treasurer chairs and the office staffs the Utah Charter School Finance Authority (UCSFA), which provides municipal market access to Utah charter schools issuing debt. As part of these duties, UCSFA, with support from treasury tstaff, administers the state’s credit enhancement program to qualifying Utah charter schools providing significant savings to Utah schools.

IRMA Exemption Letter

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Cash Manager
Diana Artica
(801) 538-1475