Certified Investment Advisor List

April 1, 2021 amended 4/15/21 and 5/20/21

To: Public Treasurers

Subject: Certified Investment Advisers

Following is the list of Certified Investment Advisers for the quarter beginning April 1, 2021 through June 30, 2021. This list supersedes the list dated January 1, 2021.

Transactions involving authorized deposits or investments of public funds may be conducted only through issuers of securities authorized by Section 51-7-11(3), qualified depositories (refer to current list), certified agents of dealers (see list), or the Certified Investment Advisers included in this list. Certified Investment Advisers may now use their own list of brokers to purchase investments for public entity accounts. Authorized deposits or investments are generally limited to those securities listed in Section 51-7-11(3).

The following are changes from the list dated April 1, 2021. Name Changes: None. Additions: Zions Capital Advisors has added Bruce Snow as of 4/15/21. Deletions: As of 5/20/21 Raymond James and all agents are deleted.

All securities purchased through a certified investment adviser are still required to be delivered to the public treasurer or to the treasurer's safekeeping bank.

Advisers included in this list have met the minimum standards established by Utah Administrative Code, Section R628-15. Inclusion in the list of certified investment advisers does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the Money Management Council or by the Securities Division of the Department of Commerce. Compliance with the Money Management Act and Rules of the Council continues to be the responsibility of each public treasurer.

Advisory Firm Investment Representatives
Alliance Bernstein LP Ward V. Cerny
Mary Conroy
Edward C O'Conner
Jonathan M Fung
Robert H Statton
Darreld E Turner II
Jonathan Underkofler
Walker T Williams
FTN Financial Main Street Advisors Gregory Balls
Richard L. Phillips
Moreton Asset Management, LLC Dawn Dachenhausen
Jordan C. Hansen
Andrew J. Robbins
Ben R. Sehy
Jason M. Williams
PFM Asset Management Christopher Blackwood
Ellen Clark
Marc Mclure
Soltis Investment Advisors, LLC Kim D. Anderson
Cabe Atkinson
Tyler J Finlinson
Benjamin W Justice
Christie N Krompel
Brent D Moore
Clark V Taylor
William W Wallace
Tyler K Wilkinson
Shawn S Woods
Wells Fargo Clearing Services LLC Dane Bradshaw
Josh Burgon
Matthew Hufford
Daniel H Payne
Timothy Payne
Christopher Soutas
Zions Capital Advisors Scott R Burnett
John R Byerly Jr
Peter Kelson
*Bruce Snow

*New as of this list.