Policy Issues

The Office of State Treasurer weighs in on state and federal policy issues that are related to or directly impact the functions of the office.

One of the ways the Office of State Treasurer weighs in on policy issues is by issuing letters. This includes letters issued solely by the office and jointly with other officials in Utah and across the country.
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ESG stands for Environmental, Social, Governance. It is a subjective criteria investors use to rate public companies, and now government organizations, on how well they implement ESG standards. In practice, ESG is a political score that, intentionally or not, can result in market participants using economic force to drive a political agenda.
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Financial Management

The state treasurer is responsible for overseeing many of the financial functions of the state in various capacities and is responsible for the prudent financial management of billions of taxpayer dollars.  When policy issues pertaining to the state's financial management arise, the treasurer often weighs in to protect taxpayer interests and the state's triple-AAA credit rating.



Policy and Communications Deputy
Brittany Griffin
(801) 918-1411