Utah Retirement Systems

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Utah Retirement Systems (URS), an independent component unit of the State of Utah, is responsible for administering retirement and defined contribution benefits for state, local government, and public education employees in the State of Utah. URS is composed of six defined benefit pension systems and five defined contribution plans. The six defined benefit pension systems are:

  • The Public Employees Noncontributory Retirement System (Noncontributory System)
  • The Public Employees Contributory Retirement System (Contributory System)
  • The Public Safety Retirement System
  • The Firefighters Retirement System
  • The Judges Retirement System
  • The Utah Governors and Legislators Retirement Plan

All of these defined benefit pension systems are pension trust funds, which are fiduciary funds.

URS commissions an actuarial valuation report (bi-annual):

Every three years, URS’s actuary publishes an actuarial experience study: