Utah Treasurer Marlo Oaks signs onto letter urging Biden Administration to support American energy production

SALT LAKE CITY – April 5, 2022  – Utah Treasurer Marlo M. Oaks signed onto a letter from 27 state financial officers to President Biden urging his Administration to implement policies to promote American energy production. 

“Energy is a critical component of every business and service provided in our economy as well as foundational to every American’s quality of life. As energy costs rise, its impact is felt throughout society. Businesses experience increased costs, which must often be passed onto consumers, while many Americans are forced to decide between various necessities of life, simply to keep the lights on and their vehicles powered,” the letter states. “War is a brutal reminder that we cannot afford to become dependent on despotic leaders for our energy needs. America cannot make the mistake of seeking to supplement Russian oil with oil from other oppressive regimes like Venezuela and Iran. We urge you to support, promote, and incentivize traditional energy production in the United States, thereby strengthening global stability and prioritizing the needs of American families…”

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